Best Demon Piece Races Tier List

Demon Piece: Best Races Ranked for Maximum Power

Demon Piece Races Tier List

Demon Piece Races Tier List
Image Credits – Demon Time Games

When it comes to choosing the best race in Demon Piece, it’s essential to consider the strengths and abilities of each race. To help you make an informed decision, we have ranked all the races from best to worst:

  • Fishman
  • Lunarian

Both Fishman and Lunarian are classified in the S tier category, indicating their superiority in the game. While Fishman boasts a 15% drop chance and enhances swimming speed, Lunarian offers a 5% unlock chance, exceptional burn damage, and immunity to fire attacks.

For players choosing the Fishman race, the ability to swim rapidly can prove invaluable when encountering sea creatures. Conversely, those opting for the Lunarian race can deal double burn damage to enemies and utilize fire-charged attacks with moves like M1 Burn.

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