Complete Warframe Protea Prime Relics Farm Guide

Protea Prime Relic Farm

Protea is a formidable Warframe due to her advanced technological enhancements and unique features that make her stand out among the rest. Her ability to effortlessly take down enemies and utilize various resources and shield generators makes her a powerhouse with engaging gameplay. However, the process of crafting her can be challenging, especially when it comes to farming her relics. Nevertheless, the effort put into acquiring Protea is well worth it considering the strength and enjoyment she brings to the game. This guide aims to assist you in efficiently farming for Protea Prime’s Relics.

Meso W4 Farm

Protea’s Prime variant was recently released on May 1, 2024, requiring four Void Relics for crafting. These Relics can be obtained through various methods such as purchasing from Syndicate factions, Teshin’s Steel Path Shop, or through player trading. Here are the Void Relics needed to craft Protea Prime:

  • Main Blueprint: Meso W4
  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Protea Prime Neuroptics
  • 1 Protea Prime Chassis
  • 1 Protea Prime Systems
  • 5 Orokin Cells
  • 72 Hours Crafting Time

Obtaining these Void Relics can be a time-consuming process as they drop from various missions in different eras of the Void. Each item needs to be farmed separately, which may require some patience to collect all the necessary components.

Neo P6 Farm

Neo P6 is a relatively uncommon drop compared to Meso W4, but it is still attainable through certain missions with higher drop rates. The Protea Prime Neuroptics have an 11% chance of dropping, making it slightly more challenging to acquire. Here are the recommended farming locations for Neo P6:

  • Interception Rotation A on Mithra, Void
  • Survival Rotation A on Mot, Void
  • Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation C on Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Disruption Rotation A on Apollo, Lua

Despite the rarity of Neo P6, the drop rates in these missions offer a fair chance of obtaining the Protea Prime Neuroptics. Players can choose from a variety of missions based on their preferred gameplay style and difficulty level.

Axi P7 Farm

Acquiring the Protea Prime Chassis from Axi P7 Relics can be particularly challenging due to its low 2% drop rate. Limited farming options are available for this Void Relic, making it essential to focus on highly efficient farming spots. Here are the top choices for Axi P7 farming:

  • Disruption Rotation B on Apollo, Lua
  • Interception Rotation B on Berehyynia, Sedna
  • Interception Rotation B on Cerberus, Pluto
  • Interception Rotation B on Xini, Eris

Given the low drop rate of the Axi P7 Relic, players should prioritize missions with higher drop chances and quick clear times to maximize their farming efficiency. Opting for missions that offer multiple opportunities to acquire the Void Relic is key to efficiently farming for Protea Prime Chassis.

Lith P9 Farm

Similar to the Protea Prime Chassis, the Protea Prime Systems Blueprint from Lith P9 Relics also has a 2% drop rate, requiring diligent farming to secure the component. Choosing the right missions for farming is crucial to increase the chances of obtaining the Protea Prime Systems Blueprint. Here are the recommended farming locations for Lith P9:

  • Profit-Taker Bounty Rotation A on Fortuna
  • Disruption Rotation A on Olympus, Mars
  • Spy Rotation B on Cambria, Earth
  • Capture Rotation A on Hepit, Void

The best farming spots for the Lith P9 Relic include Disruption missions in Olympus, Mars, and the Capture mission in Hepit, Void. These missions offer a balance between drop rates and clear speed, making them ideal choices for efficient farming of the Protea Prime Systems Blueprint.

Why You Should Farm for Protea Prime Relics

Upgrading a Warframe to its Prime version provides significant enhancements to its stats and abilities. In the case of Protea, transitioning to Protea Prime offers increased Armor and Energy, along with improved skills. Here’s a comparison between Protea and Protea Prime:


  • Armor: 135
  • Energy: 175
  • Health: 270
  • Shields: 455
  • Sprint Speed: 1.2

Protea Prime

  • Armor: 185
  • Energy: 200
  • Health: 270
  • Shields: 455
  • Sprint Speed: 1.2

With increased Armor and Energy, Protea Prime becomes more resilient and capable of utilizing more abilities without the need for frequent breaks.