Who should you pull for in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 has arrived, bringing Robin and Topaz as the first featured 5-Star banner characters for this update. Robin is a new Physical Harmony unit, while Topaz and Numby made their debut in version 1.4.

Robin is highly anticipated in Honkai Star Rail due to her musical abilities. However, many players regret missing out on Topaz and Numby’s initial banner, especially with the importance of follow-up attacks in modes like Pure Fiction within the HSR meta. So, if you can only choose one of them, who should it be?

Pros and Cons for Robin

Image: Hoyoverse

Most players should opt for Robin over Topaz. As a Harmony character, Robin excels in buffing allies, which is crucial for tackling endgame content like Memory of Chaos. Additionally, she is a standout Physical unit, especially considering the limited options for great Physical characters in Honkai Star Rail currently.

Robin is user-friendly as she boosts the entire team’s attack with her skill. She is ideal for teams that require Skill Points, as her skill only needs to be activated once every three turns, similar to Ruan Mei. When using her Ultimate, she enters the Concerto state, allowing all other allies to take immediate action with a significant damage boost, followed by Robin’s attack.

Robin serves as a versatile support unit that significantly enhances any team’s damage output, making her a more well-rounded choice compared to Topaz and Numby. Additionally, the song from her Ultimate is catchy. However, if you already have strong Harmony units like Ruan Mei, Tingyun, or Bronya, you may consider skipping Robin.

Pros and Cons for Topaz and Numby

Topaz And Numby Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse

Topaz stands out as one of the best follow-up attack units in the game, thanks to her companion Numby. As a Hunt unit, Topaz excels in single-target damage, making her proficient at melting the health bars of bosses and elite enemies, especially with Numby’s assistance.

Given the recent focus on follow-up attack buffs in modes like Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction, there may be pressure to pull for Topaz and Numby. While she is a potent follow-up attack unit and considered one of the top Fire characters in the game, you can forego pulling for her unless you have a specific need for another follow-up attack unit.

If you already acquired Aventurine, for instance, you can skip Topaz as Aventurine fulfills the follow-up attack role. Herta also remains a top follow-up attacker for modes like Pure Fiction, and most players have unlocked most of her Eidolons by now. Unless you specifically require another follow-up unit and already possess sufficient Harmony units for endgame challenges, you may find more value in choosing Robin.