My Hero Academia Season 7 Premiere Review

Superhero Fatigue? Not in My Hero Academia Season 7

My Hero Academia kicks off its seventh season with a bang, defying any notion of tiredness or lack of creativity in the superhero genre. The latest episode, “In the Nick of Time! A Big-Time Maverick from the West,” delivers an action-packed fight, an intriguing new hero introduction, the deepening of a villain’s story, some worldbuilding, and even a dash of social commentary. This promises another exciting season for fans of the long-running show.

Last season saw My Hero Academia course-correcting from past pacing issues and complicated plots by ramping up the villain presence and setting the stage for an epic conclusion. But all of that is overshadowed now by the arrival of Star and Stripe, America’s top hero. Her grand entrance, accompanied by a squadron of fighter jets, is one of the anime’s most memorable character introductions yet. Star and Stripe’s design feels like a blend of Marvel and manga styles, making her stand out among the Japanese heroes. Her character, Barbenheimer, exudes confidence and power, setting the stage for a fast-paced premiere. The revelation that Star and Stripe is connected to the events of the Two Heroes movie adds an extra layer of depth to her character.

Star and Stripe’s Unique Quirk

Star and Stripe possesses a remarkable ability called New Order, which allows her to manipulate the environment and alter the properties of objects around her. This quirk is not only visually engaging but also well-defined in its limitations, adding an element of unpredictability to battles. The episode effectively showcases the intricacies of New Order during the intense showdown between Star and Stripe and Shigaraki.

The episode maintains a laser focus on the clash between Star and Stripe and Shigaraki, delving into the latter’s transformation into the new Symbol of Evil. Deku’s absence highlights the dire situation that necessitates foreign intervention, emphasizing the severity of the threat posed by Shigaraki’s new power. Additionally, the episode explores Shigaraki’s internal struggle as he grapples with All For One’s influence on his identity.

The premiere sets the stage for further exploration of Shigaraki’s character arc and hints at Spinner taking on a more prominent role within the villain community. My Hero Academia continues to dissect the complexities of its world, examining the nuances of quirks and the societal implications of heroism and villainy.

Action-Packed Premiere

“In the Nick of Time! A Big-Time Maverick from the West” delivers on the action front, with well-choreographed fight sequences that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The battle between Star and Stripe, Shigaraki, and the flying Nomu showcases a diverse range of powers and tactics, keeping the excitement levels high throughout the episode.