DayZ Announces Frostline Expansion – PlayStation LifeStyle

Developer Bohemia Interactive recently unveiled the upcoming DayZ expansion known as Frostline. Set to launch for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms in late 2024, this new expansion will transport players to the icy Sakhal Archipelago. While not a direct replica of any real-world location, the map draws inspiration from the sub-arctic region of the Kamchatka Peninsula in northeastern Russia.

DayZ: Frostline DLC introduces new Siberian Sakhal map

A sneak peek of the upcoming DayZ expansion was shared by Bohemia in a captivating trailer, highlighting the snowy landscapes of the new setting. The video begins with breathtaking views of mountaintop radio towers, leading into glimpses of a zombie-infested port and various terrains including a hot spring, a deserted mine, a rusted pipeline, a forested mountain, and an abandoned town. While the expansion is currently only available for wishlisting on Steam, it will also be accessible on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Bohemia Interactive describes Sakhal as a place of both beauty and peril, promising DayZ enthusiasts an unparalleled gaming experience. Players will have the opportunity to uncover hidden mysteries while navigating through the frostline. Whether teaming up with other survivors or braving the challenges solo, the game offers a thrilling adventure in this hazardous winter wonderland.

According to Bohemia, the volcanic Sakhal Archipelago spans 32 square miles/83 square kilometers, not accounting for ice sheets. The expansion introduces new wildlife, illnesses, an enhanced fishing system, and winter-themed cosmetic items. From modern winter apparel to a striking wolf pelt hood, players will have a range of options for customization.

However, Frostline brings its own set of challenges, such as the need to regulate body temperature. The local fauna and volcanic landscapes pose new threats that gamers must strategize to overcome. Bohemia emphasizes the importance of preparation for survival, stating that only those with resilience and determination will prevail as the frost encroaches.