Destiny developer Bungie’s original sci-fi shooter Marathon hits Steam for free

Marathon Classic Now Available for Free on Steam

Marathon, the iconic 1994 sci-fi first-person shooter that served as the foundation for Bungie’s acclaimed Halo and Destiny franchises, is now accessible on Steam for free. This release marks a significant moment for fans of the series, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane for long-time players and a new experience for those discovering it for the first time.

Authentic Gameplay with Modern Enhancements

Known as Marathon Classic on Steam, this version has been meticulously crafted by the team behind Aleph One, utilizing the original Marathon data files to provide an authentic gameplay experience. However, players can also opt for modern enhancements such as widescreen HUD support, 3D filtering/perspective, positional audio, and smooth 60+ fps interpolation.

The game’s premise remains unchanged – alien forces have invaded the colony ship UESC Marathon in the Tau Ceti system, posing a significant threat to humanity’s first interstellar colony. As a security officer assigned to the ship, players must step up to defend against this alien menace and ensure the safety of the crew.

Marathon Classic gameplay trailer. Watch on YouTube

Expansion of the Marathon Series

The excitement doesn’t stop with Marathon Classic. The two additional titles in the series, Marathon 2: Durandal (1995) and Marathon Infinity (1996), are also set to make their way to Steam soon. While specific release dates have not been confirmed by either the Aleph One team or Bungie, fans can look forward to the continuation of the Marathon saga on the platform.

Beyond the celebration of Marathon’s legacy, there are hints of a grander plan from Bungie regarding the series. The announcement of a Marathon reboot, described as a sci-fi PvP extraction shooter, suggests that the original trilogy’s return may pave the way for a reimagined experience. While details on the reboot remain scarce, it’s a promising sign for fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.