How Long to Beat Animal Well

The new non-linear platformer Animal Well has been released, and players are still discovering all the surprises this quirky indie game has in store. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated time required to beat Animal Well, whether you’re aiming for a speedrun or want to fully explore the game.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Animal Well?

Although an average completion time is difficult to determine at this early stage, most reviewers agree that it takes approximately five to six hours to finish Animal Well’s main storyline. Speedruns have shown that some players can complete the game in just twenty-five to thirty minutes.

However, finishing the main story is just the beginning. Animal Well offers a range of post-game activities that can significantly extend your playtime. These additional activities can push the average gameplay time to ten or even fifteen hours. In fact, developer Dan Adelman mentioned on Discord that completing every aspect of the game could potentially take twenty to twenty-five hours.

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The Animal Well map may not be the largest, but it is packed with challenging puzzles that will test your platforming abilities. Similar to other Metroidvania games, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit areas once you possess new skills, allowing you to explore new paths and discover hidden items and zones. One unique feature of this game is the absence of combat. Instead of fighting enemies, you’ll need precise timing and patience to navigate the various dangers. The game’s dark visuals add an extra layer of challenge, increasing the risk of mistimed jumps until you illuminate the surroundings.

Fortunately, Animal Well seems to be a game that pays off in terms of the time and effort you invest in it. The game has garnered positive reviews from fans of the genre.

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