Hi-Fi Rush Dev Closure Results in Positive Review Bombing

Players Review Bomb Hi-Fi Rush After Tango Gameworks Closure

Fans of Hi-Fi Rush are showing their discontent with Tango Gameworks’ closure by engaging in review bombing on Steam. This influx of reviews has propelled Hi-Fi Rush to an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on the platform.

Hi-Fi Rush dev planned a sequel before it was shut down

Reports indicate that Tango Gameworks had plans for a sequel to the well-received Hi-Fi Rush before being abruptly shut down by Microsoft. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Steam users are continuing to review bomb the game in reverse, making it one of Bethesda’s and Xbox Game Studios’ highest-rated games to date. While this may not alter the outcome for Tango Gameworks, it sheds light on the impact players can have with such actions.

Shinji Mikami, the founder of Tango Gameworks and the mind behind Resident Evil, expressed his disappointment over the closure of the studio. Similarly, former Tango Gameworks employee Ikumi Nakamura shared her sentiments regarding the situation.

Recent reports have also pointed fingers at Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the implementation of Game Pass for the ongoing struggles at Microsoft. Xbox head Phil Spencer is facing criticism as rumors of additional layoffs circulate within the company.