How to get extra friend invite codes for the Marvel Rivals alpha test

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test Kickoff

The closed alpha test for Marvel Rivals has kicked off for PC players, with only a select percentage of the population receiving invitations. Out of the 30,000 invites sent out randomly to alpha test sign-ups, a few thousand more were distributed on the official Marvel Rivals Discord server. If you haven’t received an invite yet, don’t lose hope. Every player has the opportunity to claim an extra friend invite code to share with others.

How to Obtain More Marvel Rivals Invite Codes

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get an additional invite code for the Marvel Rivals alpha test, players must reach level six. After achieving this milestone, navigate to the main menu and click “Home” followed by “Overture” to access the code claim section.

There is a limited number of additional codes available, so players should act swiftly. New codes will be released daily at 5 PM PT, and the remaining percentage of codes for the day can be viewed on the Overture menu screen. If lucky enough to secure a second code for a friend, they can repeat the process on their account to obtain another code to share. As demand increases, it is advisable not to delay claiming codes. Completing daily and weekly challenges efficiently is the quickest route to reaching level six, so players should strategize their gameplay accordingly.

Although the Marvel Rivals closed alpha test has some hiccups, it offers a polished experience that is likely to appeal to hero shooter enthusiasts. For the best experience, team up with friends and make sure to secure additional invite codes before time runs out.

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