Join the Circuit of Champions Event Now through May 23

Exciting New Racing Experience Unveiled

Designed with meticulous attention to player feedback, the Titans’ Alley track is a direct response to the request for more verticality in our racing experience. Following the release of our first Racing circuit, this electrifying track delivers on the demand for new challenges. Prepare to navigate hairpin turns, dizzying ascents, and heart-stopping descents as you compete for victory in this thrilling desert environment.

Get ready to harness the power of your Dragons and rise to victory in the ultimate test of speed and skill!

Experience an unparalleled adrenaline rush as you soar with the wind and wield the strength of Dragons while diving into the depths of the Titan’s Alley desert.

New Features and Pick Ups

  • Blast ability: This new ability functions similarly to the one used in PvP modes on the Phantom & Windguard dragons. It allows you to launch a projectile with a visible blast radius that explodes upon impact.
  • Dash Ability: Similar to the Feral Charge used by the Rimeblood dragon in PvP modes, this ability enables you to lock a target and dash towards them for a quick strike.

Additionally, two new features have been added to the Dragon Racing game mode:

  • Double Pickup System: Carry up to two abilities simultaneously with an active and reserve slot display in the UI.
  • Draft System: Experience a Draft System that provides a speed boost when staying behind a dragon for a short time.

Victory Brings Rewards

Compete in the Circuit of Champions event to not only enjoy the new desert-themed circuit but also unlock amazing prizes. The fastest Dragoneers will claim victory and gain access to exclusive rewards ranging from legendary Dragon gear to epic chests and in-game currency.

Embark on the challenge today and secure your place as the quickest Dragoneer in this limited-time event!

CoA screenshot

As Dragoneers take flight atop their majestic dragons, navigating through challenging laps and outmaneuvering rivals, their quest extends beyond mere glory. They’re racing towards the promise of incredible prizes, awaiting those bold enough to seize victory with skill and determination.