Best Ways To Get Gems In Anime Crossover Defense

How to Efficiently Acquire Gems in Anime Crossover Defense

Players worldwide are constantly seeking effective methods to acquire gems in Anime Crossover Defense. Whether it’s for unlocking Rare or Mythical units, gems play a crucial role in progressing through the game. While one option is purchasing gems with Robux, there are numerous free alternatives available. Below, we outline a comprehensive list of strategies to farm gems in ACD.

Utilize Codes

Developers frequently release codes that offer freebies once redeemed. Visit the Codes section within the game to input any active codes and receive free gems along with other rewards.

Complete Levels

A fundamental method involves earning gems every time you complete a stage and receive rewards.

Engage in Daily Quests

Prior to starting a stage, access the Quests tab and fulfill the designated tasks such as Summon 3 times or Defeat 1 Enemy. Upon completion, you can claim your gems and additional rewards by clicking on the gift icon.

Conquer Challenge Rift Floors

Arguably the most efficient method, as each floor can potentially reward you with 250 Gems in addition to the gems gained for completing the level.

Claim Collections

Every time a new unit is added to your Inventory, you can claim it for 100 Gems by following these steps:

  1. Access the Collections section on the main screen.
  2. Explore the various anime series and characters within.
  3. Click on the claim button for any unredeemed rewards to receive gems.

With these strategies, you now possess the knowledge to effectively farm gems within the game. Following your gem acquisition, consider exploring our tier lists for valuable insights on the best units and traits to maximize their potential.