All Safe Solutions in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: Safes Demystified

Safes in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes may seem impenetrable at first, but with some keen observation and problem-solving skills, cracking them open is just a matter of time. Here’s a breakdown of all the Safe Solutions you need to know in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

The Safe with Four Buttons

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Figuring out the Safe with Four Buttons can be a head-scratcher, as the order of button presses doesn’t matter; it’s the number of times you press each button that counts. The clue in the nearby letter highlights “1847 and “five hundred years,” which when combined gives you the combination: 2347. Each button must be pressed the specified number of times to unlock the safe.

The Safe with Two Dials

Every Safe Solution in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The solution for the Safe with Two Dials is simpler compared to the previous one. The clue in the letter highlights “1847 and “Minutes and hours are years,” which translates to 18:47 in time format. If you envision the Dials as an analog clock, the combination corresponds to 6:47.

Copy the dial positions shown above to open this Safe.

The Safe with Strange Dials

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Although the keypad for this Safe may seem perplexing, the solution is straightforward once you realize the trick. The combination remains the same at 1847. Each shape on the keypad represents a certain number of cubes, which corresponds to the digits of the combination. Simply select the shapes with the correct number of cubes to unlock the safe.

Choose the shapes with the corresponding number of squares to enter 1847 and crack the safe.

The Safe with LED Buttons

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The LED Safe presents a different challenge, with the hazard of entering the wrong code quite high. The clue in the letter mentions the year 1847 and a reference to “Lorenzo The Great walked forty-nine years on this earth.” By subtracting 49 from 1847, you arrive at the combination 1798.

Visualize the Keypad as a calculator screen and draw each number to enter the code correctly. Make sure to interact with the handle after inputting each number to unlock the safe.

The Safe with Three Dials

Every Safe Solution in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, the Three Dial Safe features a combination derived from the highlighted “1847 and reads, “For how could one live forty years on sacred grounds without knowing?” The math here leads to 1847 – 40, resulting in the solution 1807.

Turn each dial to the correct year as per the solution to unlock the safe. If your puzzle matches the configuration shown above, you can replicate it for ease.

Each safe houses a Computer Disc, adding another layer of mystery to the game. Once you’ve mastered the safes, consider tackling the Document Tube puzzles for even more rewards that will aid in your exploration of the Hotel’s secrets.

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