All V Rising Legendary Weapons and How to Get Them

List of Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons are rated as level 30 items, with various perks and stats augmenting each weapon skill. Each weapon category will have one version of these elite end-game drops, and more could be added in the future. In the meantime, here are some of the available V Rising Legendary Weapons:

Oaksong (Long Bow)

Ability Modification

  • Multishot: Each hit grants Focus.
  • Guided Arrow: The first hit from a shot, while entirely focused, deals an additional 25% damage and stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds.

The Gravecaller (Sword)

Ability Modification

  • Whirlwind: When you kill an enemy and inflict Condemn on affected foes, you increase the duration of Whirlwind by 3s. This duration extension can be activated three times.
  • Shockwave: Aerial shockwave hits deal additional 20% damage and reduce the cooldown of Whirlwind by 0.5s.

The Red Twins (Axe)

Ability Modification

  • Frenzy: Increase the duration of this skill by 1s.
  • X-Strike: Deal 40% bonus damage on enemies hit by your axe after you toss them and inflict Leech.

Hand of Winter (Mace)

Ability Modification

  • Crushing Blow: Frozen targets receive 125% more damage.
  • Smack: Chills enemies on hit and Freeze foes for 2s when they are already Chilled.

The Thousand Storms (Spear)

Ability Modification

  • Thousand Spears: Hits inflict Static.
  • Harpoon: This ability pulls you to the target instead of dragging them towards you. Cast time is now 0.5s, and Harpoon inflicts a stun for 0.7s.

The Siren’s Wail (Crossbow)

Ability Modification

  • Rain of Bolts: Fire two additional bolts, and each one causes Weaken.
  • Snapshot: Consume Weaken to deal 50% damage and inflict Fears for 2s.

Legendary Weapon Modifier Rolls

Each Legendary Weapon has a chance to roll different stats when you obtain them, so if you get one with attributes you don’t like, keep farming until you are satisfied with your drops. There are 11 potential effects that your Legendary Weapons can obtain, so you should always check whether these modifiers will do well with your build. Here are the V Rising Legendary Weapon Modifier Rolls:

Weapon ModifierMinMax
Bonus Spell Power36
Max Health2448
Movement Speed (%)4%8%
Physical Resistance (%)6%12%
Physical Critical Chance (%)6%12%
Physical Critical Strike Damage (%)10%20%
Resource Yield (%)12%24%
Spell Critical Chance (%)6%12%
Spell Critical Strike Damage (%)10%20%
Spell Life Leech (%)3%6%
Weapon Attack Speed (%)5%10%

We don’t know of any method to manipulate or control the outcome of the modifier rolls. You might also get a weapon with Resource Yield, which most people want to avoid. Learning how to farm these Legendary items more efficiently is a good idea.

How to Farm V Rising Legendary Weapons

Farming Bosses in Gloomrot

The Shattered Ancestral Weapons can be obtained by killing and looting V-Blood Bosses that are level 75+ and above. The most farmable elites would be the one in Gloomrot, so you may want to start farming there. However, there are still some bosses in other regions that would also drop these things. Here is an excellent example of a good route for grinding Legendary Weapon drops:

  • Teleport to the Northern Gloomrot Waypoint and head northeast
  • Fight Voltatia, The Power Master first.
  • Afterward, fight Henry Blackbrew, The Doctor.
  • If you can fight Adam, the First Born, you should also try slaying him for the loot.
  • Once you’ve finished your run with these three, head towards the eastern side of Farbane and fight the Winged Terror on the Dreaded Peak.
  • Lastly, head towards the Cursed Forest, the easternmost side, and fight Matka, the Curse Weaver.
  • Once you have finished these bosses, repeat the rotation once they respawn.

This route should be one of the best rotations for farming Legendary Weapon. However, if you level up further, you can fight additional bosses to increase your chances of getting Shattered material. Here are the other elites that you can slay for drops:

  • Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth
  • Solarus the Immaculate

Farm Stygian Shards in Mortis

The easiest way to obtain Legendary Weapons is to buy Shattered weapons from the wealthy merchants in Ruins of Mortium. To do this, you must farm Stygian Shards, one of the game’s most essential resources. You can use these to buy wares from merchants or obtain Passives. However, for this guide, we will focus on the first function.

You can farm Stygian Shards by doing Rift Incursions, which will occur randomly when you build the Eye of Mortium. This event is restricted to the Ruins of Mortium, so you don’t need to travel around the whole map. You can start doing this at level 57 or higher and gain increasingly better rewards the higher you go.

Each Rift event has its own Tiers; the higher they go, the higher the level requirement. To finish them, you need to spawn and kill a phantom of a random V-Blood Boss by killing enemies in specific locations. You can track these areas by following the shadow trail in the sky that pinpoints the zones you need to go to. You can gain Stygian Shards from the ritual sites and the boss.

Once you have enough shards, you can buy Ancestral Weapon Shards from the merchants in the Mortis region. On default, these NPCs will offer you purple-graded shards, but there is a chance of getting a Legendary one when they appear in your inventory. In addition, these Merchants will sometimes start selling yellow (Legendary) shards upon reset, so you should regularly check them to see if you have enough Stygian tokens.

How to Craft these Legendary Ancestral Weapon Shards

All Ancesrtral will require a specific set of materials, and the Legendary ones require rare mats. Most of these resources can only be obtained in Gloomrot and Silverlight Hills, so you need to upgrade your gear. Here are the materials you need for any Legendary Weapon:

  • 3 Dark Silver Ingot
  • 3 Gold Ingot
  • 3 Power Core
  • 1 Blood Merlot

Dark Silver Ingot and Gold Ingot can mainly be farmed in Silverlight Hills, and the best zone to farm in is Brighthaven. If you are playing solo or in a PvE server, you can spend hours here non-stop and get a lot of resources. Power Cores must be crafted with three Radium Alloys and three Charged Battery per piece. Each of these components must be crafted, and here are the things you need:

  • 4 Radium Alloy: Camouflage 1 Sludge-filled Cannisters, 3 Sulfur, and 45 Tech Scrap
  • Empty Cannister (use it on a Sludge swamp to get Sludge-filled Cannisters): 1 Iron and 3 Glass
  • Depleted Batteries: Farmable from machine mobs in Gloomrot, then charge it in Thunderstrike Peak to get Charged Batteries.
  • Blood Merlot: Obtained by getting Blood from prisoners with Empty Vial and Sacred Grapes

Most of these materials are end-game, so you can use Dark Silver weapons to farm things efficiently. You should gather as much as possible to have extra materials for crafting V Rising Legendary Weapons if you don’t like the ones you currently have.