Community Update May 2024 – Movements and Requests


For this month’s Community Update, we’re taking a slightly different approach since news on specific projects is light. In addition to the usual updates, we’re including some highlights of our recent features and bug fixes. Let us know if you enjoy these callouts so we can continue to include them in the future!


We’re continuing to make progress on improving the Xbox Insiders subreddit. Internal discussions on content planning and support enhancements are ongoing, and we’re optimistic about the positive outcomes. While there’s still work to be done to reach our goals, we appreciate all the feedback and discussions that have taken place so far. Keep the feedback coming!

State of Gold

Recent weeks have seen several new features rolled out across our ecosystem. Console users now have the ability to remember up to ten WiFi networks, and Alpha users received the “Update Pre-download” feature for certain games. On the PC and Cloud side, Compact Mode received a major update for all PC Xbox Insiders, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) users can now enjoy a suite of “User Content Management” features.

These are just a few of the many improvements we’ve implemented, so be sure to check out our Console and PC release notes for more details. If you’re unable to access these features yet, stay tuned for potential updates on joining the Alpha/Alpha Skip-Ahead rings.


We want to highlight a few fixes that were made possible thanks to the valuable feedback from Xbox Insiders. Community-driven efforts contributed to resolving notification and party chat/game chat issues. Your input is crucial in identifying and solving platform issues, and we appreciate all the feedback received from our Xbox Insiders.

It’s Been a Pleasure

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you’d like to discuss this update or anything else related to XIP, visit the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or follow us on Twitter.