Slayers X Review (Switch eShop)

Overview of Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer

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If you enjoyed Hypnospace Outlaw, a narrative-driven game from a few years back, you might be interested in the spin-off release titled Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer. This classic boomer shooter, which hit PC and Xbox platforms in 2023, offers a different take from its predecessor. While it may not have completely blown us away, it still presents an intriguing gaming experience that is worth checking out.

The Story Behind Slayers X

Slayers X introduces a dual-layered narrative to players. The game serves as the fictional creation of Zane Lofton from Hypnospace Outlaw and reflects the design choices of an adolescent with unchecked creativity. Players assume the role of “Big Z”, an X-Slayer in-training, seeking revenge against the monstrous Psyko Sindikate who wreaked havoc in his town. The plot unfolds through a series of confrontations and missions, aiming to deliver an exciting gameplay experience.

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Gameplay and Humor in Slayers X

Slayers X incorporates an irreverent and juvenile humor that adds an initial charm to the gameplay. However, this comedic style can become repetitive over time, losing its initial appeal. Despite this, the game offers solid boomer shooter gameplay, featuring maze-like levels, enemy encounters, and a variety of weapons and tools to engage with.

Players must strategically navigate the levels, manage resources effectively, and choose the appropriate weapon for each scenario. The arsenal is diverse, ensuring that players have multiple options to tackle different challenges throughout the game.

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Visuals and Gameplay Experience

While Slayers X excels in its visual presentation, capturing the essence of the era it depicts, the gameplay itself lacks a unique factor to distinguish it from other titles in the genre. The absence of gyro controls for aiming, particularly on the Nintendo Switch, is a notable drawback that affects the overall experience. Although the game provides enjoyable moments, it falls short of standing out among its peers.

Despite these shortcomings, Slayers X delivers a satisfactory gaming experience for fans of boomer shooters, offering engaging levels, responsive gameplay, and humorous elements. While it may not reach the pinnacle of the genre, it still warrants consideration for players seeking a nostalgic shooter experience with a modern twist.

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Final Thoughts on Slayers X

Slayers X offers a fundamental yet enjoyable addition to the boomer shooter genre, providing players with a lighthearted gaming experience. While it may not revolutionize the genre, it manages to deliver entertaining gameplay elements and humorous anecdotes. However, the lack of innovative features and certain control issues prevent it from reaching the top tier of similar games. Consider exploring other classic shooters before delving into Slayers X to fully appreciate its unique offerings.