Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Increase Supply

Understanding Supply in Hearts of Iron 4

In the world of Hearts of Iron 4, one of your biggest challenges will be managing Supply. When that dreaded red supply icon appears above your troops, you know trouble is ahead – dwindling equipment and manpower.

To avoid this drain on your resources, it’s crucial to find ways to boost Supply in the provinces where your troops are stationed.

How Supply Works

Supply in Hearts of Iron 4 is not a physical entity that you can create or build. Instead, it’s a resource that is automatically generated in your states based on various factors such as population, infrastructure, victory points, and connectivity.

Each division in your army has a specific “supply appetite” that determines the amount of supply it requires to function effectively. Without sufficient supply, their organization suffers, making them more vulnerable to defeat.

There are two primary sources of supplies for your troops:

  • State Supply – This comes directly from the province itself, influenced by factors like population, infrastructure, and victory points. It’s like local food stores and farms keeping your troops fed.
  • Hub Supply – This is distributed from a network of supply hubs connected to your capital, acting as regional distribution centers that send supplies to your troops on the front lines.

Your capital serves as the main supply hub, dispatching supplies to other hubs via railways. The maximum supply capacity of your capital hub depends on the number of factories you have. However, each individual hub also has its own supply limit based on the quality of the railway connecting it to the capital.

Beginner Explanation

Think of your capital as a massive supply depot with a limit on how much it can hold and distribute – the Supply Cap, determined by your factories. This cap represents the total supply capacity of your capital.

By connecting your capital to smaller supply hubs through railways, you create a network that ensures supplies reach your troops. However, the maximum supply a hub can provide is influenced by the quality of the connecting railway. Better railways mean better supply flow!

Strategies to Increase Supply in HOI4

If you want to enhance the supply situation in a state or province in HOI4, here are four effective methods:

  • Increase Motorization Level
  • Increase Railway Level
  • Build Supply Hubs
  • Increase Infrastructure Level

Increase Motorization Levels

Choose your Motorization Level wisely, as it determines the range for supplying your troops. Whether you opt for horses or trucks can significantly impact your supply capabilities.

Motorization Levels include:

  • Horse (Default): Short range, minimal resource consumption, ideal for early game when trucks are scarce.
  • Trucks: Increase supply reach and delivery capacity but require dedicated logistics for supply flow.
  • Many Trucks: Doubles range and supply but uses more trucks.

By adjusting the Motorization Level at Supply Hubs and setting army-wide priorities, you can ensure your troops always have the supplies they need.

Increase Railway Levels

The supply capacity of a hub is influenced by the quality of the railways connecting it to your capital. Upgrading railway infrastructure can alleviate supply bottlenecks and increase overall supply capacity.

  1. Access the Supply Map Mode and select the affected Supply Hub.
  2. Look for the “Upgrade Bottlenecks” button and optimize railway connections.
  3. If conquering a new Hub with low supply, build connecting railways to integrate it into your supply network.

Build Supply Hubs

Constructing new Supply Hubs can bridge gaps in your supply coverage, particularly in remote areas. Prioritize essential hubs early on to ensure comprehensive supply chain support for your troops.

Consider utilizing national focus options like “Reorganize the Railway System” to expedite Supply Hub construction and improve supply efficiency.

Increase Infrastructure Levels

Enhance local supply capacity by building infrastructure in states facing supply shortages. Each level of infrastructure adds free supplies to provinces within the state, reducing the burden on hubs and railways.

Well-developed infrastructure acts as a reliable local supply buffer, ensuring your troops have adequate supplies, especially in isolated regions.

These strategies will help you boost Supply in Hearts of Iron 4, offering your troops the resources they need to succeed. Share your thoughts and suggestions on supply management in the comments below!