How to fix Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops not working

Claiming Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops

Arena Breakout Infinite, the new free-to-play game that is being hailed as an alternative to Escape From Tarkov, is gaining immense popularity on Twitch. This is largely due to the thousands of closed beta keys being distributed through Twitch Drops. However, with the high demand for beta access, some players are facing challenges with the code redemption process, leading to longer than usual wait times for account whitelisting.

How to Claim Your Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops

To claim your Arena Breakout Infinite Twitch Drops, all you need to do is watch a participating stream for 60 minutes. This will grant you beta access for the game. It is important to keep the stream window active and unmuted to ensure eligibility. You can track your progress in the Twitch Drops menu.

Depending on the campaign, some Twitch Drops may reward Steam keys for the closed beta, while others may provide non-Steam keys that have a different redemption process. It is crucial to pay attention to the type of code you receive and ensure that your Level Infinite Pass account is linked to your Twitch account.

Resolving Issues with Arena Breakout Beta Twitch Drops

If you encounter difficulties activating your Arena Breakout Infinite closed beta key obtained through Twitch Drops, there are a few solutions to try. Firstly, ensure that your Level Infinite Pass and Twitch accounts are linked correctly to facilitate beta access. Secondly, it is essential to exercise patience as each account needs to be manually whitelisted by the developers. While there have been delays in the past, the developers are committed to activating all accounts within 24 hours. It is advisable to wait a full day after code activation before attempting to play.

It is important to note that Twitch Drop keys are automatically associated with your Level Infinite Pass account once earned. Therefore, as long as the necessary accounts are linked, you will eventually gain beta access. The delays often stem from the activation process, which many players overlook. Despite the challenges, Twitch Drops remain the primary method for obtaining closed beta keys for Arena Breakout Infinite.

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