New PlayStation Handheld Reported Again, Supports PS4 Games

Prior rumors suggest upcoming PlayStation handheld will be a next-gen system

Reports of a new handheld gaming device from PlayStation continue to circulate, with the latest leak suggesting that it will be a PSP/PS Vita style system that can support PS4 games upon release. This rumor adds fuel to the fire that Sony is delving into the handheld market, especially following previous reports in February.

Russian journalist Anton Logvinov, known for accurate leaks in the past such as Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn PC ports, is the source of this recent speculation. While there is some doubt surrounding Logvinov’s claims, another reputable leaker, MooresLawIsDead (MLID), who previously revealed details about the PS5 Pro, is also expressing confidence in the existence of a PS Vita-esque handheld.

According to Logvinov, this handheld device will have the capability to play PS4 games from the get-go and has drawn comparisons to the Steam Deck. These details seem to align with what MLID mentioned earlier this year regarding a potential handheld from Sony.

MLID elaborated on the hardware, stating that the PlayStation handheld will house a custom AMD Accelerated Processing Unit and will offer backwards compatibility with digital PS4 titles. Moreover, the device is expected to support PS5 games as well, provided a “Pro-like patch” is applied. MLID also hinted that this new handheld could be part of PlayStation’s next-generation hardware lineup, possibly launching alongside or after the PS6.