NBA Superstars Is Bringing The Classic NBA Jam Vibe To Arcades

Experience NBA Superstars: The Return of Arcade-Style Basketball

In 1993, NBA Jam took the arcade world by storm, introducing high-flying dunks, flaming basketballs, and iconic basketball stars to fans everywhere. After years of absence, Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills have teamed up with the NBA and the NBA Players Association to bring back that classic arcade-style basketball experience with NBA Superstars.

NBA Superstars offers 3v3 arcade-style basketball action with all 30 NBA teams and 120 of the biggest stars in the league. Players can hit the court as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and more in the first NBA-branded arcade game in decades. Featuring up to four-player gameplay, the game promises the same exciting dunks, intense defense, and long-range shots that made NBA Jam a favorite in the 90s.

Superstar Mode and Online Stats Tracking

NBA Superstars introduces Superstar Mode, where players can compete for MVP honors and track their stats across multiple gameplay sessions with free online accounts accessed via QR codes. The inclusion of beloved announcer Tim Kitzrow ties the whole experience together, evoking nostalgia for NBA Jam fans.

Check out the action-packed trailer below to get a glimpse of what NBA Superstars has to offer:

The arcade cabinet for NBA Superstars features a fully animated LED stadium scoreboard, a 75-inch screen, camera-flash-simulating marquee lights, and RGB LED lights coordinated with each team’s colors. Set to debut in arcades this summer, the game’s arrival raises hopes for a potential release on home consoles in the future, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, NBA Jam.