How To Farm XP In Solo Leveling Arise

Best Ways to Level Up Quickly in Solo Leveling Arise

Farming XP in Solo Leveling Arise can be a daunting task, especially for players who haven’t purchased the Season Pass. Free players often face limited options for leveling up quickly, with most methods involving tedious grinding. If you’re looking to boost your XP gains, you’ll need to put in some serious effort. To make the process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to farm XP in Solo Leveling Arise. Follow these strategies to level up faster.

Complete Quests in Hard Mode

While Normal difficulty provides decent XP gains, switching to Hard difficulty can double your earnings. It’s advisable to tackle every main story quest and side quest in Hard mode to maximize your XP rewards. Remember, the greater the effort you put in, the greater the rewards you’ll reap.

Complete All Gates

Best Ways To Farm XP In Solo Leveling Arise

In addition to quests, completing the available Gates can also yield valuable XP rewards. Each Gate presents a dungeon-like challenge that offers rewards upon completion. Focus on tackling higher-level Gates to earn more XP. Be strategic in using your Gate Keys on the most rewarding Gates.

Collect Activity Fund

Best Ways To Farm XP In Solo Leveling Arise

Take advantage of the Activity Fund, an AFK reward system that provides free XP without any effort on your part. Simply wait for the Activity Fund to reach 100% capacity and claim your XP rewards effortlessly. To enhance your XP gains, consider leveling up your in-game character, including Sung Jinwoo. Achieving a character level of 2000 will increase your XP gains by 10%.

Buy Daily Growth Support Bundle

If you’re willing to invest $9.99, consider purchasing the Daily Growth Support Bundle. This support package boosts your Activity Funds by 30% and unlocks Special Sweeps that automatically complete Gates for you.

These are our top recommendations for farming XP in Solo Leveling Arise. Also, don’t forget to check out the Tier List for the best characters to breeze through quests and Gates effortlessly.