One of PS5 Exclusives Set for 2024 Will Be Revealed by June

A recent report suggests that Sony is gearing up to reveal one of its first-party PS5 exclusives set to launch in 2024 within the next two weeks. According to the reliable source billbil-kun, who correctly leaked details about the upcoming PlayStation Days of Play event, Firewalk Studios’ Concord will finally receive a full reveal after being teased a year ago.

Concord is the only confirmed 2024 release among rumored upcoming PS5 exclusives

While there have been rumors circulating about Sony’s lineup of first-party console exclusives set for release in 2024, Concord is the only title that has been officially confirmed by the company. This multiplayer PvP first-person shooter is expected to launch on both the PS5 and PC simultaneously, although a specific release date has not yet been announced.

Earlier today, Dealabs user billbil-kun, known for accurate leaks, stated that Sony will showcase Concord’s playable characters and gameplay by the first week of June. Despite speculations about an upcoming PlayStation event, billbil-kun has not been able to confirm any details on that front. However, the absence of confirmation does not necessarily indicate that the rumors are unfounded.

Billbil-kun predicts that if there is no PlayStation event as rumored by various insiders, Concord may be featured at the Summer Game Fest on June 7.