Why am I taking constant damage or randomly dying in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3?

The Reason for Incurring Ticking Damage or Dying in Fortnite

If you have experienced sudden damage in Fortnite akin to being in the Storm, it is likely due to an active Wastelander Challenge.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Wastelander Challenges are special match-specific challenges that can be accepted at various Wastelander Beacons across the Island. These challenges offer bonus XP but come with negative effects that last throughout the match, including taking damage when stationary or touching the ground.

A range of negative effects (debuffs) from Wastelander Challenges in Fortnite include:

  • The Floor Is Lava — Taking 5 damage when making contact with the ground
  • Jammed Clips — Inability to reload
  • Full Throttle — Taking 5 damage when not in motion
  • Perma-Damage — Inability to use Health or Shield items
  • Unshielded — Incapacity to gain shields
  • Burnin’ Hot Items — Taking 5 damage when picking up any item

Therefore, if you notice ticking damage during your Fortnite match, it may be due to one of the Wastelander Challenges that penalize you for touching the ground, being motionless, or picking up items. Nevertheless, you can still heal and employ a modded vehicle to mitigate these debuffs.

Why the Inability to Reload, Restore Shield, or Heal?

If you find yourself unable to reload quickly or replenish your health/shield, it is likely due to accepting a Wastelander Challenge.

In pursuit of achieving a Victory Royale, it is generally advisable to avoid Wastelander Challenges. However, if you seek added challenge, have a Quest to fulfill, or are aiming for more XP, feel free to take them on. Just ensure that you are ready to manage the associated obstacles.

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