How To Get And Use Irradiant Gruel In V Rising

For those playing V Rising, keeping your Vampire healthy is key, and one way to do that is by using Irradiant Gruel. This particular food item is designed for human prisoners, boosting their blood quality by 1% to 2%. Given that most human blood in the game ranges from 98% to 99% quality, using Irradiant Gruel can help Vampires reach 100% pure blood and gain stronger buffs. Read on to discover how to acquire and utilize Irradiant Gruel in V Rising.

How to Obtain Irradiant Gruel in V Rising

Image Credits to SoBadStrange

To acquire Irradiant Gruel, you must craft it using an Alchemy Table. However, the recipe for this item is initially locked. To unlock it, you must defeat Angram the Purifier in Pools of Rebirth, Gloomrot South. After defeating this boss, head to the Alchemy Table and craft Irradiant Gruel using Plague Brier and Mutant Grease.

How to Use Irradiant Gruel in V Rising

feeding irradiant gruel to a prisoner in v rising

Once you have crafted Irradiant Gruel, it’s time to feed it to your prisoners. Use the “Dominate Human” power to capture a human and place them in an empty cell. Click on the prison cell to access various options like Kill, Subdue, or Feed the prisoner. Choose to feed the prisoner Irradiant Gruel to enhance their blood quality by 1% to 2%.

However, be aware that there’s a 35% chance the use of Irradiant Gruel may backfire and transform the prisoner into a raging mutant. In such cases, you will lose the high-quality blood and be required to eliminate the prisoner.

That wraps up the essentials about Irradiant Gruel in V Rising. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about Blood Types and Quality, we have guides available to assist you.