How To Get And Use Runes In Solo Leveling Arise

How to Obtain Runes in Solo Leveling Arise

Runes are essential upgrades for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Arise, enhancing his skills significantly. However, acquiring these Runes is not a simple task and requires some effort. Keep reading to discover how you can obtain and craft Runes to strengthen Sung Jinwoo.

Methods to Acquire Rune Fragments

  • Complete Main Story: By finishing main story quests on Hard difficulty, you can earn Rune Fragments as rewards.
  • Sweep Red Gates: Clearing Red Gates will also provide you with Rune Fragments.
  • Exchange Shop: Visit the Exchange Shop and exchange Rune Fragments for Commemorative Coins and Platinum Commemorative Coins.
  • Events: Participate in time-limited events to earn rewards like XP and Rune Fragments.

Once you have gathered enough Rune Fragments, head to the Fusion menu and craft a Rune by using 100 Rune Fragments. Keep in mind that the rarity of the Rune you receive will be random. Additionally, your chances of obtaining an Epic or Legendary Skill Rune improve with each failed attempt.

Understanding how to obtain Runes is crucial in Solo Leveling Arise. In addition to focusing on Runes, don’t forget to farm resources like Gold and Gate Keys. Take a look at our guides to learn more about acquiring these resources.