Hardware Upgrades Like PS5 Pro Explained by Neil Druckmann

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann recently discussed the importance of hardware upgrades such as the potential PS4 and PS5 Pro. While not directly mentioning the rumored PS5 Pro, Druckmann emphasized the significance of enhancing hardware capabilities in the gaming industry.

How Enhancements like PS4 and PS5 Pro Support Developers

During an interview on Sony’s corporate website, Druckmann emphasized the two essential areas where PlayStation Studios rely on the company’s support: hardware capabilities and development tools.

Druckmann stressed that a boost in hardware is crucial as it not only enables the development of high-fidelity, complex games but also streamlines the process for creating simpler games by reducing the need for extensive code optimization. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of sophisticated development tools in increasing efficiency, citing Naughty Dog’s proprietary engine as an example.

Explaining further, Druckmann mentioned the use of their proprietary engine that automates environmental design through predefined rules, making it easier for the software to generate landscapes automatically. He also discussed the potential of motion capture without markers, which could revolutionize performance capture in gaming, making it more accessible for creators and reducing the reliance on large budgets.

Regarding the future impact of AI on content creation, Druckmann expressed optimism about its revolutionary possibilities while acknowledging the ethical concerns often associated with artificial intelligence.