How to fix fatal error Line 258 in Wuthering Waves

Players Experiencing Line 258 Error in Wuthering Waves

Since its launch, Wuthering Waves players have been facing various crashes and startup issues, with the Line 258 error being a common frustration.

How to Fix Line 258 Error in Wuthering Waves

  1. Download SQLite Database Editor.
  2. Open the Database Editor and find your Wuthering Waves install directory.
  3. Open “Wuthering Waves GameClientSavedLocalStorageLocalStorage.db
  4. Click the Browse Data tab.
  5. Scroll down to the 16th row and select GameQualitySetting.
  6. Find a string of text that reads “KeyFsrEnable” in the window on the right.
  7. Change the value from “1” to “0.”
  8. Click File > Apply Changes to save your work.
  9. Start playing Wuthering Waves!

Fixing the Line 258 fatal error in Wuthering Waves may seem complex, but following these steps can provide a guaranteed solution. By making a small tweak to the graphical settings using a specialized program, players can avoid the frustrating startup crash.

By ensuring the correct value is changed and saving the changes properly, Wuthering Waves should launch without any further issues. However, other loading problems may still occur, requiring additional troubleshooting steps.

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