How To Get PS Plus Roblox Pack

How to Obtain the Roblox Yeti PS Plus Pack

As part of PlayStation’s Days of Play promotion, a special content pack for Roblox will be available exclusively for PS Plus subscribers. Freebies are always exciting, so players will definitely want to get their hands on this unique pack. While the announcement may be a bit vague on details, here is a breakdown of how you can download the Roblox Yeti PS Plus Pack.

Image Source: PlayStation

Currently, the Roblox Pack is not yet available. Although the Days of Play promotion begins on May 29, not all offers will be live on that same day. Players looking to download the Roblox Pack will need to wait until Monday, June 3, at approximately 12 AM ET when the PlayStation Store refreshes.

Once the pack becomes available, locating it should be a breeze. To begin, even if you already have Roblox installed, simply search for Roblox in the store. This will direct you to the store page, where you can find the pack in the Add-Ons section by scrolling down. This guide will be updated with helpful images once the pack is released.

While a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to play Roblox, it’s important to note that you will need to be subscribed to PS Plus to acquire the pack. Worried about the offer expiring quickly? Typically, PlayStation Plus game freebies have an extended shelf life, so there’s no rush to subscribe right away.

That covers everything you need to know about obtaining the PS Plus Roblox Pack for yourself. If you’re interested in boosting your experience in other Roblox games like Grand Piece Online and Adopt Me, be sure to check out our up-to-date guides.