Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases Local Legend 16: The Short SC.7 Skyvan

A Versatile Aircraft: The SC.7 Skyvan in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The SC.7 Skyvan, also known as the “flying shoebox,” is a unique aircraft that has made a name for itself as a reliable and versatile workhorse. Microsoft Flight Simulator recently introduced the Local Legend 16: the SC.7 Skyvan, showcasing its legendary reputation for handling tough air transport missions with ease. It is known for its ability to operate in challenging environments, thanks to its boxy fuselage, large rear cargo door, and high aspect ratio main wing paired with powerful turboprop engines for exceptional short take-off and landing (STOL) performance.

Short Brothers, based in Belfast, Ireland, developed the Skyvan in the 1950s with practicality in mind. The aircraft’s design, featuring a spacious rectangular fuselage, high-performance wing, and powerful engines, has stood the test of time. The Skyvan first flew with piston engines in 1963 before transitioning to turboprop engines for improved performance. In total, 149 aircraft were manufactured in various variants until 1986.

Operators worldwide have utilized the Skyvan for various missions, including passenger service, cargo transport, skydiving, aerial photography, and more. The aircraft’s capabilities have been demonstrated in operations across different terrains, from high altitude airstrips in Nepal to expeditions in Indonesia.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 40 feet, 1 inch
  • Height: 15 feet, 1 inch
  • Wingspan: 64 feet, 11 inches
  • Engines: Two Garrett AiResearch TPE-331-2-201A turboprop engines
  • Power: Up to 715 horsepower per engine
  • Range: 693 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 20,000 feet above sea level
  • Top Speed: 201 mph

Explore the World

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, the SC.7 Skyvan offers endless opportunities for adventure. From landing on remote beaches to exploring mountainous regions, simmers can immerse themselves in a realistic flight experience. With sixteen liveries to choose from, including options for airliner, military, skydiving, and surveyor themes, the Skyvan caters to a range of preferences.

The Skyvan is available in Microsoft Flight Simulator for $14.99, providing enthusiasts with the chance to embark on exciting aerial journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or new to flight simulation, the Skyvan promises an unforgettable flying experience. Start your adventure today and see where the sky takes you!

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