Master Humanity: 7 Essential Tips for Saving Mankind

1. Fixing Your Flow

In each level of Humanity, you strategically place commands to guide humans through obstacles and puzzles towards a goal. If you notice a goal isn’t filling up completely, it means you need a larger flow of humans to trigger it. Check your path to ensure everyone is moving steadily towards the goal without any straying off course.

2. Don’t Worry About Losing Some Humans

humanity screenshot

In Humanity, losing some humans is inevitable, as they are made of light and will respawn when they die. Focus on not losing the bonus Goldy characters, which unlock various rewards and progression in the game.

3. Putting Your Humans in a Holding Pattern

humanity screenshot

Utilize a queue system to temporarily hold humans in a circular or back-and-forth pattern, ensuring you don’t lose any important characters during the game.

4. Use Diving for Quick Traversal and Higher Jumps

humanity screenshot

Learn to dive in Humanity to navigate through levels quickly and execute higher jumps, allowing you to overcome obstacles with ease.

5. Make Use of Retry Keep Commands

humanity screenshot

Use the Retry Keep Commands feature in Story Mode to reset the flow of humans without losing the commands you’ve already set, allowing you to correct mistakes and optimize your strategy.

6. Stuck? Check the Solution Video

humanity screenshot

If you find yourself stuck in a puzzle in Humanity, use the Solution Video option from the pause menu to get a hint without revealing how to unlock the Goldy characters.

7. Want More Humanity? Play Thousands of User-Made Stages

humanity space elevator

If you want more challenges after completing the story in Humanity, explore the Play Stages section where you can access thousands of user-created levels with varying difficulties and types of puzzles. Dive into the creativity of the community and enjoy endless puzzle-solving!

Experience Humanity to the fullest by following these essential tips. Available now on Xbox and Game Pass platforms. Good luck on your mission to save mankind!