Valorant Night Market Guide

What is the Night Market?

The Night Market is a special feature in Valorant that occurs once every Act for a period of two weeks. It showcases weapon skins from previous bundles at discounted prices. Riot Games typically announces the start and end dates of the Night Market through their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This event usually takes place towards the end of the Act, serving as a reminder to players that the Act is coming to a close.

What to Expect in the Night Market

One of the main attractions of the Night Market is the discounts it offers. Popular weapon skins can be discounted by up to 49% off their original price, making it an exciting time for weapon skin collectors. When the Night Market is live, players can browse through the available skins and strategize which ones to acquire. This allows them to customize their weapons according to their preferences and style.

For example, I was able to purchase a Magepunk Operator skin for 875 Valorant Points (VP) during the Night Market, while its original price was 1775VP. This represents a 45% discount on one of the most sought-after skins for the Operator. Opting for the Night Market can be a cost-effective way to complete a specific skin bundle or theme.

The Limitations of the Night Market

Despite its benefits, the Night Market does have limitations. The selection of weapon skins available is randomized for each player, making it impossible to trade skins between accounts. Additionally, each rotation of the Night Market only features five weapon skins, making the completion of collections a slow process. Exclusive skins from bundles like the Valorant x Zedd and the Sentinels of Light are not included in the Night Market, nor are skins for melee weapons. Despite these restrictions, there are still ways to maximize the Night Market experience.

Spending on the Night Market

Given the vast array of weapon skins in Valorant, it may take some time for preferred skins to appear in the Night Market. To make the most of this event, players can consider which weapons in their arsenal lack skins and prioritize acquiring skins for those weapons. Investing in skins that may interest teammates can also enhance team coordination and aesthetics during gameplay. While popular skins are still in demand, having a variety of skins available for weapons like the Stinger, Spectre, Ares, Bucky, and Judge can add style points to a team.

Which Weapon Skins are Worth Waiting For?

There are certain weapon skins that Valorant players eagerly anticipate in each Night Market rotation. These preferences are often influenced by in-game requests from teammates, content creators, and professional players.

How to Access the Night Market

The Night Market can be accessed from the top-right section of the Valorant home screen, denoted by a card icon. By clicking on this icon, players can view five face-down cards that reveal available weapon skins when clicked on.

Release Date

The current Night Market for Episode 8, Act 3 is active and will continue until June 12, 2024. This coincides with the Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai.