WoW Cataclysm Classic: Bastion of Twilight Guide

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Strategy

In the Halfus Wyrmbreaker encounter, additional dragon adds are tethered to Halfus, providing specific buffs that can make the fight more challenging. It is recommended to have two tanks, one for Halfus and one for the dragon adds. Here is a list of buffs provided by each dragon:

  • Slate Dragon: Reduces the healing effectiveness of the target by 8% per hit from Halfus’ attacks.
  • Storm Rider: Unleashes a storm that deals heavy damage and knocks back the raid.
  • Nether Scion: Grants Halfus 100% attack speed when tethered.
  • Time Warden: Allows the Proto-Behemoth to cast Fireball Barrage.
  • Orphaned Emerald Whelps: Enables the Proto-Behemoth to cast Scorching Breath.

Raid members must prioritize freeing the drakes before focusing on DPSing the boss. Freeing a drake not only removes its buff from Halfus but also increases the damage he takes by 100%. The order for DPS should be: Storm Rider > Nether Scion > Slate Dragon > Time Warden > Orphaned Emerald Whelps.

At half health, Halfus will begin using ground stomps that deal raid-wide damage and stun the team for 2 seconds. Healers should spread out their healing, and the team must focus on dealing DPS quickly. The boss must be defeated within 6 minutes to prevent enrage and a wipe.

Theralion and Valiona Guide

Theralion and Valiona share a health pool and alternate positions. The main tank will receive a debuff stack called Twilight Shift from the bosses, sending them to the Twilight Realm after 5 stacks. Players in the Twilight Realm must use portals to escape while dodging light projectiles.

Valiona, the first boss in the encounter, has mechanics such as Blackout, Devouring Flames, and Twilight Blast. After Dazzling Destruction is cast three times, Valiona switches places with Theralion, introducing new mechanics like Engulfing Damage, Fabulous Fire, Twilight Meteorite, and Deep Breath.

Players can stack DoTs on both dragons to increase damage. The encounter must be completed within 10 minutes to avoid enrage.

Ascendant Council Guide

The Ascendant Council encounter features Feludius, Ignacious, Arion, and Terrastra. The fight progresses through three phases with specific mechanics for each boss. Feludius and Ignacious share Phase 1, Arion and Terrastra share Phase 2, and the Elementium Monstrosity combines all four bosses in Phase 3.

Phase 1 involves stacking Feludius and Ignacious and being aware of abilities like Water Bomb, Glaciate, Flame Torrent, Inferno Rush, and Frost/Flame Imbued. Switching to Arion and Terrastra at 25% health triggers Phase 2 with mechanics such as Disperse, Lightning Blast, Swirling Winds, Quake, Gravity Well, Thundershock, Eruption, and Harden Skin.

Phase 3 combines all bosses to form the Elementium Monstrosity with abilities like Electric Instability, Gravity Crush, Lava Seed, and Cryogenic Aura. Healers must prioritize keeping the raid alive during this phase.

Cho’gall Guide

Cho’gall is the final boss with mechanics that inflict Corruption on players. Players progress through two phases, with Corruption escalating based on the number of stacks reached.

Phase 1 includes mechanics like Flame’s Orders, Shadow’s Orders, Conversion, and Fury of Cho’gall. Tanking strategies and damage mitigation are crucial during this phase to handle the Corruption mechanic effectively.

During Phase 2, Cho’gall pulsates with corrupted energy, summoning tentacle adds that target healers. Players must interrupt these adds while dealing with the corrupted energy mechanic.

Sinestra Guide (Heroic Only)

Sinestra, the final boss in Heroic mode, has three phases with specific mechanics. Phase 1 includes Wrack, Flame Breath, Twilight Slicer, Twilight Blast, and Twilight Whelps. Players must coordinate dispels and kite orbs to avoid damage.

Phase 2 introduces Twilight Extinction, a DPS check, and new mechanics like tentacle adds, Twilight Spitecaller, Twilight Drake, and eggs that must be destroyed. Healers must prioritize healing an NPC to prevent a wipe.

Phase 3 mirrors Phase 1 with increased damage mechanics and adds the Essence of the Red buff. This phase focuses on a DPS check to defeat Sinestra.