Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 7 – “Rogue” Review

“Rogue” Delivers a Classic Doctor Who Adventure

“Rogue” embodies everything that fans love about Doctor Who. It’s filled with quick-witted dialogue, fast-paced action, and an overall sense of fun that harkens back to the classic era of the show. The episode introduces us to hilariously forgettable villains with a comically bizarre motivation and features The Doctor bonding with a charming bad boy named Rogue. Fans will be delighted to see Ncuti Gatwa back in the driver’s seat after weeks of frustrating “Doctor-lite” episodes, bringing a refreshing change in tone with him.

A Fun Romp Through Time and Space

While “Dot and Bubble” explored a Black Mirror-esque storyline, “Rogue” takes us on a gossip-filled regency romp with a sci-fi twist. With choreography by Bridgerton choreographer Jack Murphy, the episode is filled with witty banter, dramatic conversations in the library, and plenty of ballroom dancing scenes.

The Charm of Rogue

The titular character, Rogue, portrayed by Jonathan Groff, is a delight to watch. As a space-faring bounty hunter, Groff brings a mischievous and funny energy to the role. His interactions with The Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, are the highlights of the episode, showcasing the chemistry between the two characters. Despite the bizarre bird-like villains in the background, Rogue’s presence adds depth and charm to the story.

A Nod to Pop Culture

Surprisingly, “Rogue” makes numerous references to Bridgerton throughout the episode. While tying in themes from popular culture can be a fun idea, the frequency of these references may have overshadowed the main storyline involving the villains of the week.

Exploring the Doctor’s Darker Side

In “Rogue,” we see a new side to the 15th Doctor’s character. This incarnation appears vengeful, arrogant, and eager to move on from past mistakes. The episode delves into the Doctor’s flaws and adds layers to the character, providing a deeper exploration of the Time Lord’s psyche.

An Exciting Resolution

The resolution of The Doctor and Rogue’s storyline is both satisfying and thought-provoking. Rogue’s sacrificial act adds emotional depth to the episode and leaves room for future appearances. Fans of Jonathan Groff’s performance will surely hope to see Rogue return to the TARDIS in the future.