How to start the Salvation’s Edge raid in Destiny 2

Where to Find the Salvation’s Edge Raid in Destiny 2

If you’re seeking the ultimate challenge in Destiny 2, look no further than the Salvation’s Edge raid. To start this intense gameplay experience, head to the Pale Heart location on the Director. Scroll to the far right to find the node for the raid. Keep in mind that the raid is in “Contest Mode” for the first 48 hours, so be prepared for a tough battle. Raids in Destiny 2 offer peak content, pushing players to their limits unlike any other PvE activities.

Prerequisites for the Salvation’s Edge Raid

Before you can embark on the Salvation’s Edge raid, there are a few requirements you must meet. These prerequisites are not explicitly stated in the game, but Bungie has shared them on social media and in their weekly TWID posts.

First and foremost, you must have completed the Final Shape campaign. The difficulty level of the campaign completion doesn’t matter, but achieving a Legend Clear is recommended for the valuable gear rewards you’ll receive. Once the campaign is conquered, you’ll need to tackle the Wild Card Exotic Quest. This quest, although shrouded in mystery to avoid spoilers, promises a rewarding experience for players, even those who aren’t seasoned raiders.

To enter the raid, you must have a Light Level of at least 1965. Having a Legend Clear under your belt will ensure you have a full set of gear at this level, eliminating the need for additional grinding. Equip yourself with your best gear, unlocking all Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments. Make sure you have a variety of weapons to handle any situation that may arise.

Prepare to face complex mechanics in the raid environment. The Brave arsenal offers powerful options, as do some of the top-tier Exotics from earlier in the year. Bring your best gear and skills to the Salvation’s Edge raid, and you may just make it out alive. Good luck, Guardian.

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