Destiny 2 Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph guide: How to get Trophies

How to Collect Trophies from the Pale Heart in Destiny 2

To unlock the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph in Destiny 2, players must gather the “Trophies from the Pale Heart.” This comprehensive guide will outline the exact steps needed to acquire every item, or “trophy,” required to achieve the Pale Heart Pathfinder status.

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To earn the Pale Heart Pathfinder Triumph in Destiny 2, it is essential to complete the entire Pale Heart Pathfinder Collection Badge. The term “Trophies from the Pale Heart” specifically refers to the set of gear from The Final Shape required to unlock the Badge.

Guardians can track their progress towards the Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge in the Collections tab, under Badges. Below is a list of every item needed to complete the collection and instructions on how to obtain each one:

ItemTypeHow to Obtain
The First KnifeExotic ShipParacausal Geometries Triumph
Victorious OddmentEmblemComplete The Final Shape Campaign on Legendary

Unlocking The First Knife

The First Knife Destiny 2
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The First Knife is an Exotic Ship that becomes available upon completing the Paracausal Geometries Triumph. Once the Alone in the Dark questline is finished, players can access Paranormal Activities marked on the Pale Heart’s map.

In areas marked with the Paranormal Activity indicator, players will discover Light (blue) and Dark (red) cubes. Shooting Light cubes with Light damage and Dark cubes with Dark damage is crucial. To unlock the Paracausal Geometries Triumph and acquire The First Knife, all 12 Paranormal Activities must be completed.

Acquiring Victorious Oddment

The Victorious Oddment Emblem is granted to those who successfully complete all The Final Shape Campaign Missions on Legendary Difficulty. The order in which the missions are completed does not affect the eligibility for the emblem.

Obtaining Reaching Within Shader

The method for obtaining the Reaching Within Shader is currently unknown, but it is likely awarded as a Reputation reward from Ghost. Although Ghost currently displays Scintilliant Trajectory as a reward, there is much speculation that it should be Reaching Within. Further updates are expected in the future to confirm this.

Collecting First Ascent Gear

Instead of being randomly dropped in the world or from Activities, the First Ascent set is obtained through various Micah-10 Lost Ghost Quests. Players can interact with Micah via Micah’s Conduit in the Pale Heart to begin these quests.

Unlocking one piece of armor automatically grants access to its class variants, eliminating the need to acquire them for each character. Below are the Quest names associated with each piece of The Final Shape’s First Ascent set:

  • First Ascent Casque/Helmet/Hood — Currently unknown
  • First Ascent Grips/Gauntlets/Gloves — The Shadows

Obtaining The Final Shape Weapons

Except for The Call and No Hesitation, which are obtained during The Final Shape’s Campaign, most Legendary The Final Shape weapons are rewards for completing post-Campaign Quests. Here is a breakdown of each base The Final Shape weapon and the missions from which they are acquired:

  • Pro Memoria — Convalescence: Underbrush
  • False Idols — Unknown

If you have successfully completed the Pale Heart Pathfinder Badge, congratulations! However, the journey does not end there. Continuing to collect the remaining The Final Shape Triumphs will earn you the prestigious Transcendent Title as a testament to your dedication.

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