How To Tame A Panther In Soulmask

How to Tame a Panther in Soulmask

In the world of Soulmask, knowing how to tame a Panther can give you access to one of the fastest mounts available in the game. While there are other options like Alpacas, Llamas, and Ostriches, the allure of having a majestic jaguar as your companion is hard to resist. The main advantage of the Panther is its speed, outclassing the other mount options by a significant margin. However, this speed comes at a cost as the Panther has a lower weight limit, limiting the resources you can carry while riding it. If speed is your top priority and resource management is not a concern, then read on to discover how to find and tame a Panther in Soulmask.

Requirements for Taming a Panther

  • Life Perception Skill: Obtain this skill from the Mask Node Repair Tree.
  • Panther Saddle: Acquire the saddle from the Bronze Gear section of the Knowledge & Technology tree in the Advancement of Bronze.
  • Awareness Strength 25: This is a prerequisite for using the Panther Saddle.
  • Animal Traps
  • Flesh: Use flesh as bait to lure the Panthers.

Once you have gathered all the necessary prerequisites, follow these steps to successfully tame a Panther in Soulmask.

Image Credits: wak4863 on YouTube. Trap a baby panther, then take it to your base and put a saddle on it to tame a Panther in Soulmask.
  1. Head south from the Pyramid in the rainforest until you reach the Black Panther Rest Point.
  2. Search for feline footprints in the area and interact with them to spawn a female Panther.
  3. Track the Panther as it searches for food and returns to give birth to its baby Panther.
  4. Set up traps near the baby Panther without getting too close to it.
  5. Bait the traps with flesh to lure the baby Panther.
  6. Wait for the baby Panther to get trapped in one of your traps.
  7. If the mother Panther is present, eliminate her from the area.
  8. Approach the trapped baby Panther and interact with it to tame it.
  9. Transport the new pet back to your base and provide it with shelter, food, and water to help it grow.
  10. Add a saddle to the Panther, either when it is still a baby or after it has fully grown.

Now that you have successfully tamed a Panther in Soulmask, consider exploring more guides on the game, such as obtaining feces, improving tribe mood, and getting tribesmen to follow you for a well-rounded gaming experience.