Get Another Look At Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days’ Texan Zombie Action In New Gameplay Teaser

Developer PikPok Teases New Gameplay for Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days

Developer PikPok recently revealed a gameplay teaser for their upcoming 1980s zombie game, Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days. The teaser, showcased during the PC Gaming Show, provides a quick glimpse into the intense undead action set in Texas during the height of a zombie outbreak in 1980.

This new entry in the Into The Dead franchise offers players a side-scrolling shelter survival experience, where they must try to escape Walton City before it falls to the zombie horde. Survival in this game involves scavenging, crafting, fighting, and strategic planning for the next move.

Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days Gameplay Teaser

“Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days’ PC Gaming Show teaser highlights the key elements of the game: planning, adapting, and surviving,” as mentioned in a press release. Players will scavenge various locations for crucial materials, avoid zombies in highly infected areas, balance survivor needs and well-being, and upgrade shelters with fortifications and amenities to last through the night.

Expect challenging in-game decisions, survivor permadeath, and, of course, an abundance of zombies in Our Darkest Days.

Additional Screenshots


The game is set to release on PC via Steam Early Access in 2025, with a demo scheduled for October on Steam.

Will you be checking out the demo for Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days this October? Share your thoughts in the comments below!