How to survive the instant kill attack in Iconoclasm final boss fight Destiny 2

The Final Shape Campaign in Destiny 2

The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2 features some of the most enjoyable and challenging story missions in the game’s history. The emphasis is on the challenging aspect, as players are faced with interesting mechanics that require them to think outside the box. Let’s delve into how to survive the instant kill attack in the final boss fight of Iconoclasm.

Before we proceed, a SPOILER WARNING is warranted as we will be discussing the later missions and story of The Final Shape. The mission preceding the brand-new raid involves weakening the Witness to properly confront it.

Surviving the Instant Kill Attack in Iconoclasm

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The mission, Iconoclasm, culminates with a showdown against the dreaded Witness. While you don’t engage in direct combat with him, you do chip away at his health bar in a test of endurance.

After handling the Subjugator and evading the Witness’ assaults, head to the left corridor to acquire the Shield of Aegis. Allow the shield’s ultimate ability to charge before unleashing it on the Subjugator to inflict additional damage.

Once you’ve utilized the shield, gather your fireteam and move to the rear of the arena, near your initial entry point. Look for a fissure of Light emerging from the ground.

To survive the instant kill attack during Iconoclasm’s final boss fight, position yourself over the fissure of Light with the shield and maintain the shield block command (“C” on M/KB, LT/L2 on Controller).

How To Survive The Instant Kill Attack In Iconoclasm Final Boss Fight Destiny 2 Location
Screenshot: Esoterickk/YouTube

When executed correctly, the shield should retain its charge, providing you with protection against the incoming insta-kill attack.

It’s crucial for all Guardian allies to remain within the circular shield throughout the attack, which lasts approximately 10-15 seconds. This process needs to be repeated twice in the encounter. Once this challenge is overcome, you can focus on increasing your Light level to reach the Power cap and beyond.

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