Strange Coins and Xur locations explained

All You Need to Know About Destiny 2’s Xur Rework

Xur, the enigmatic Agent of the Nine, has undergone significant changes for the Final Shape update. Here’s a breakdown of the changes, focusing on the Destiny 2 Xur rework, including the shift from Legendary Shards to Strange Coins.

All Xur Final Shape Changes Explained

Legendary Shards are a thing of the past in the Final Shape update as Xur now deals in Strange Coins. This alteration in currency means players need to adapt to the new system swiftly. Additionally, Xur’s weekly visit spot is now fixed in the Tower, making it easier for players to locate him without the need for a scavenger hunt.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Despite his new fixed location, Xur still enjoys hiding in plain sight. For instance, in the current week, Xur can be found near Ikora, blending in with a horse figurine in a corner. Moreover, his inventory now includes Catalysts and other valuable items for players to explore.

How to Acquire Strange Coins in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Strange Coins have become a rare commodity compared to Legendary Shards post-update. To assist players in obtaining these elusive coins, Xur offers a Buff once you’ve spent 47 Strange Coins, opening up new avenues for coin acquisition.

Destiny 2 Xur rework: Strange Coins and Xur locations explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion.

Players can find the Favor of the Nine Buff in Xur’s inventory under the “More Strange Offers” section. This Buff grants additional Coins upon reaching the Strange Coin quota, easing the grind for players engaging in Destiny 2 events.

If you partake in Vanguard activities as part of your weekly routine, you should accumulate enough Strange Coins to purchase desired items from Xur. Though the drop rate for additional Coins might be low, persistence in playing will eventually pay off.

As Xur now offers Catalysts, it’s a good time to revisit your Exotic weaponry collection. With many top-tier Exotic weapons featuring Catalysts, there’s no shortage of content to pursue.

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