How to get a free dog pet and start the Faithful Companion quest in Diablo 4

How to Obtain a Free Dog Pet in Diablo 4

All Diablo 4 players have the opportunity to acquire a free pet dog by completing a simple quest. To begin, head to Kyovashad and locate the Quest Marker situated just west of the town center fountain.

Quest Location – Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you reach the marker, you will encounter a dog and trigger the Faithful Companion quest by interacting with it. Simply acknowledge the dog’s good behavior (the correct response is telling him he’s a good boy), and voila, you have a new loyal companion!

If this quest is time-limited, it is advisable to visit Kyovashad promptly to avoid missing out. Additionally, there are several free anniversary gifts available, including a mount, so be sure not to overlook them.

How to Utilize a Pet in Diablo 4

Good Boi
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You can equip Asheara from any Wardrobe in Sanctuary through the new “Pets” tab. By preordering the Vessel of Hatred Expansion, you can obtain three additional pets. It is important to note that each version of the Expansion offers different bonuses and pets.

When equipping your pet, remember to save the changes before exiting the menu to ensure they accompany you. Asheara will follow you and occasionally collect nearby Gold and Materials, but rest assured, he will not pick up weapons or armor to prevent cluttering your inventory.

Lastly, the most noteworthy feature of the pet system is the ability to interact with and pet the dog by standing nearby and greeting him (Up on the Dpad and flicking Up on the right stick on a controller). While the pet is optional, it can enhance your Diablo 4 experience if you enjoy traveling with a furry companion.

If the new pet has reignited your interest in Diablo 4, take advantage of the new Helltide system to expedite your leveling up and progress towards the endgame.

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