XDefiant Will Add Team Deathmatch Soon, With Search-And-Destroy Mode Coming Later

XDefiant to Add Team Deathmatch Mode Soon

Exciting news for fans of XDefiant – the highly anticipated Team Deathmatch mode will be making its way to the free-to-play shooter by the end of June. Executive producer Mark Rubin announced on X (formerly Twitter) that TDM is set to be added in just a couple of weeks.

Rubin shared this update during an IGN Live interview, emphasizing that the decision to include TDM was a response to community feedback. In a tweet, Rubin mentioned that the team has been listening to the demand for the mode and will be delivering it soon.

In case you missed the IGN Live interview, I wanted to say that we have been listening to the amount of people asking for TDM and we will be adding it in a couple of weeks.

— Mark Rubin (@PixelsofMark) June 10, 2024

But that’s not all. Rubin also hinted at a Search-and-Destroy mode that is in the works, although he mentioned that it’s a bit more complex and will likely come after the TDM update.

Today, XDefiant will take center stage at Ubisoft Forward, where fans can expect to hear more about the game along with updates on Star Wars Outlaws, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and other surprises. Just last week, a patch was released for XDefiant to address issues with PS5 players accessing restricted areas on maps.

Since its launch in May, XDefiant has reportedly garnered a strong player base, with 1 million players trying out the game within the first three hours of launch. While Ubisoft has not released official player numbers, there is a roadmap for XDefiant outlining plans for a new faction, maps, and additional content in Season 1.

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