How craft weapons with silver ingots in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker: Crafting Weapons with Silver Ingots

To become stronger and wield better weapons in Dark and Darker, utilizing Silver Ingots is essential. This guide will assist you in understanding how to craft weapons using Silver Ingots within the game.

How to Craft Weapons with Silver Ingots

Crafting in Dark and Darker is not a simple process; there are various steps involved. To craft weapons with Silver Ingots, you first need to level up a merchant capable of performing this task. The Weaponsmith NPC is the key to this process, and you must complete quests for him to level up.


Since Silver Ingot is a high-quality resource, leveling up your merchant is crucial to unlocking the ability to craft purple, blue, and gold weapons. Completing quests for the merchant is vital as it allows you to equip yourself with high-end gear, making your journey in Dark and Darker much smoother.

Note that the process of leveling up the merchant may be slow, as the number of quests available per week is limited. However, there are sufficient quests to keep you occupied for a while, so approach them strategically.

How to Obtain Silver Ingots

One effective way to acquire Silver Ingots is by crafting with Silver Coins. These coins are the primary currency in Dark and Darker, making it relatively easy to earn them. However, since Silver Coins are also essential for various other purposes in the game, it is important to spend them wisely.

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If you find yourself with an excess of unused Silver Coins taking up inventory space, consider storing them or converting them into Silver Ingots to further enhance your arsenal.

If you encounter the “failed to connect to the server” error at the beginning of Dark and Darker, you may be unable to obtain Silver Ingots until the issue is resolved.