Sonic Team Open To More Characters From Comic Series Appearing In Games

Shadow Generations Writer Shares Insight

A recent revelation has shed light on the writer for ‘Shadow Generations,’ who also worked on Sonic Frontiers. Ian Flynn, a well-known figure in the industry, was responsible for the writing in both games. According to Flynn, he encountered a particular challenge when working on Shadow Generations – how to explain the escape of certain characters. He wanted to delve deeper into the storyline but faced limitations due to the continuity of Sonic Generations. The conclusion of the game left room for interpretation, and Flynn opted to leave it to the players’ imagination to speculate on how Eggman and others escaped from White Space.

Flynn’s dedication to resolving inconsistencies in narratives is reminiscent of Dave Filoni’s approach. However, some fans have expressed concerns about potential retcons in Shadow Generations, highlighting the importance of keeping Flynn on a tight rein to maintain the integrity of the storyline.