Final Fantasy 9 Remake, Turok Games Leaked by Database

Final Fantasy 9 Remake Leak and More Unannounced Titles Revealed on EpicDB

EpicDB, a newly discovered database akin to SteamDB for the Epic Games Store, has recently exposed a treasure trove of upcoming games, including the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 9 remake and Turok. These leaks have sparked excitement among fans, with some of the listed games being PC versions of popular PlayStation titles, while others are shrouded in mystery with only cryptic code names.

Final Fantasy 9 Remake Will Apparently Include DLC, Turok’s Status Remains Unclear

Among the leaked games, Final Fantasy 9 remake’s entry, codenamed Momo, has caught the attention of fans. The listing reveals possible pre-order DLC such as the “Tetra Master Starter Pack” and “Thief’s Knives,” hinting at additional content for the remake. Additionally, Final Fantasy 16’s PC port is codenamed Skobeloff, adding to the excitement surrounding Square Enix’s future releases.

On the other hand, the status of Turok remains uncertain. While an entry for the game was found under Saber Interactive’s label, it is still unclear whether this signifies a new installment in the series or a remaster/remake of the original titles.

Other notable leaks include a PC port of The Last of Us Part II under the code name Utah, attributed to Sony Interactive Entertainment. There is also speculation surrounding a project codenamed Kondo, with theories suggesting it could be either Rise of the Ronin or a PC port of Ghost of Tsushima.

Within the SIE label, there are two mysterious projects codenamed Carrack and Rhode Island. While the details of Rhode Island remain elusive, Carrack is believed to be related to Uncharted, with its image featuring a 14th century ship.

Due to the magnitude of the leaks, EpicDB is currently inaccessible, presumably undergoing maintenance to address the inadvertent reveal of unannounced titles.