How To Get Bronze Ingot In Soulmask

When playing Soulmask, it can be challenging to figure out how to obtain certain materials like Bronze Ingot. This resource is crucial for crafting high-tier tools and items in the game, such as the Granary and Panther Saddle. If you’re looking to gather Bronze Ingot and enhance your crafting capabilities, here’s a guide to help you out.

How to Acquire Bronze Ingot in Soulmask

How To Get Bronze Ingot In Soulmask

To obtain Bronze Ingot in Soulmask, players need to gather Tin and Copper and then convert them into Tin and Copper Ingots. Follow these steps to simplify the process:

How to Obtain Tin and Copper in Soulmask

Both Tin and Copper can be easily found in the game. Tin can be mined near the coast close to the River Valley Scout. Head southwest of the Ancient Pyramids to locate the Barbarian Claw Tribe, where you can obtain Copper.

How to Get Tin and Copper Ingots in Soulmask

Once you have Tin and Copper, you must convert them into Ingots. Construct a Furnace, which can be unlocked in the Knowledge and Technology tree under the Smelting Technique. Use x2 Tin Ore to obtain 1 Tin Ingot and x2 Copper Ore to obtain 1 Copper Ingot.

How to Craft Bronze Ingot in Soulmask

With Tin and Copper Ingots in hand, combine x1 Tin Ingot and x2 Copper Ingots in the Furnace to craft 1 Bronze Ingot. Now you have successfully created this essential material for crafting in Soulmask.

This guide covers all you need to know about obtaining Bronze Ingot in Soulmask. Interested in learning more about the game? Discover how to acquire all mounts and master the art of repairing items and taming animals.