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Welcome to Hades 2: A Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Welcome to Hades 2, the mysterious underworld! To navigate this roguelike dungeon crawler successfully, it’s essential to understand its mechanics and uncover its secrets, regardless of your experience level in the genre. Below, we’ll provide you with vital starting advice to help you kickstart your Hades 2 journey.

Understand Melinoe’s Abilities

Melinoe possesses abilities similar to her brother Zagreus. One crucial aspect to note is that Melinoe requires some preparation time before dodging. Utilize the sprint function strategically as it aids in evasion and comes with additional benefits with certain Boons.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage

Every room in Hades 2 presents unique opportunities, particularly through destructible objects like trees. Make the most of these by tactically positioning enemies to maximize damage. Employing the wall to push foes can significantly increase the damage they take, leading to quicker victories.

Magick Management

Aside from health, Melinoe’s Magick meter powers potent Omega attacks. Feel free to unleash these attacks as Magick regenerates with each new room. Look for Boons that help replenish Magick to enhance your combat effectiveness.

Gathering Resources

Collect resources diligently to unlock new features, weapons, and abilities. Focus on acquiring Bones, Ashes, and Psyche, which are vital for numerous upgrades and interactions with NPCs. Invest in unlocking Arcana Cards, especially the formidable Eternity XII Card, which grants you an extra life per run.

Building Relationships with NPCs

Forge friendships with characters by gifting them Nectar, a popular delicacy in the underworld. These friendships not only add depth to the story but also reward you with Keepsakes that enhance your strength and abilities.

Mastering Incantations

Experiment with the Cauldron near your mentor, where you can perform Incantations akin to Zagreus’ House Contractor. Invest in Fated Intervention, Night’s Craftwork, and Summoning of Mercantile Fortune Incantations to bolster your strength and unlock new possibilities.

Embrace the challenges of the underworld, explore various strategies, and build alliances with its inhabitants. Armed with these foundational tips, you’re prepared to conquer the trials that lie ahead in Hades 2. Forge your path, defy conventions, and etch your legacy in the annals of the underworld.

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