Best Soulmask Starting Locations & Where to Build Your Base

Starting Your Base in Soulmask

Soulmask introduces players to a new survival RPG game with a simple storyline and engaging gameplay mechanics. One of the essential aspects of the game is building your own base, which serves as a home camp for your tribe.

The base in Soulmask is vital as it provides a place for your tribesmen to gather and forage while you, as the leader, focus on upgrading the base and your mask. Survival is key in this game, and creating a strategic base location is crucial to your success.

Choosing the Right Base Location

When deciding where to start your base, consider the surrounding environment and how it will impact your gameplay. Here are some locations that offer different advantages and challenges:

  • Inland Starter Zone: Start near a body of water for access to water and land resources. While this location is good for food, it lacks non-food resources like ores and metals. Ancient Ruins may also be out of reach, but it’s a safe starting point with good crop harvests.
  • Lakeside Haven: Similar to the Inland Starter Zone but with more resources like clay, copper, tin, and green crystals. Ideal for the mid-game phase.
  • Central Riverside: Offers a balance between resources and threats. Beware of animals like jaguars and alligators, but access to trees and resources makes it a solid starting point.
  • Jungle Edge: An area with abundant resources but high danger. Recommended for experienced players looking for a challenge.
  • Closer to Ancient Ruins: Placing your base near Ancient Ruins provides opportunities to level up quickly. However, be prepared for challenges similar to Jungle Edge. Not recommended for beginners.

Surviving and Thriving

Choosing the right base location in Soulmask is crucial as it determines the resources, XP, and challenges you will face. While starting in an easier location has its perks, you may need to relocate in the future to progress further in the game. Remember, the game scales its difficulty based on your base location, so choose wisely, have fun, and enjoy the thrill of survival!