Monster Hunter Wilds Director Talks Gameplay, Environments, and More

Capcom’s Latest Release: Monster Hunter Wilds

Capcom has announced the release of Monster Hunter Wilds next year, giving fans a sneak peek at the game during May’s State of Play and last week’s Summer Game Fest. In a recent interview, Director Yuya Tokuda, along with Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Executive Director Kaname Fujioka, delved deeper into what players can expect from this highly anticipated game.

What Sets Monster Hunter Wilds’ Gameplay Apart?

Introducing two new gameplay features, Wounds and Focus Mode, Monster Hunter Wilds aims to provide a fresh experience for players. Tokuda explained to the PlayStation Blog, “Attacking the monster naturally causes damage or wounds to happen. As long as you’re attacking the wounds, you’ll be doing more damage to the monster.” By entering focus mode, players can highlight wounds and unlock abilities that deal bonus damage to these vulnerable areas.

But Focus Mode does more than just that. According to Tokuda, “The real benefit of Focus Mode is to assist players in their positioning and distancing from monsters, making it easier for even less experienced players to hone in their attacks.”

Prior to discussing the effects of the environment on gameplay, Tokuda highlighted the dynamic and adaptable nature of the environments in Monster Hunter Wilds. “Things are constantly changing, and even the monsters available for hunting can vary from moment to moment.” To adapt to these dynamic changes, players can now switch between weapons during gameplay, a new feature added to the game.

Moreover, Monster Hunter Wilds addresses player feedback regarding accessibility by making monsters more accessible and introducing Seikret mounts to ease navigation during gameplay.