Watch this YouTube that’s House of the Dragon for ant wars


House of the Dragon fans are settling in for a season of drama, and I’m watching a YouTuber build a massive vivarium.

The Vivarium

For the past six months, Mikey Bustos, known as AntsCanada, has been creating a biodiverse world in a 12-foot vivarium in his home in the Philippines. The latest addition is a baby caiman, which he plans to introduce to a swamp vivarium and eventually to his backyard.

The Residents

Bustos, an ant YouTuber, uses a 4K camera to capture the inhabitants of the vivarium, known as Pantdora. The world includes tree frogs, geckos, various species of ants, crickets, cockroaches, guppies, spiders, a caiman, shrimp, and more.

Dramatic Footage

Over high-definition footage, Bustos narrates with excitement, showcasing the beauty of the creatures in Pantdora.

Poetic Storytelling

Bustos introduces each creature with poetic descriptions, creating an engaging narrative for his audience. His storytelling style is captivating and draws viewers into the world of Pantdora.

The Ant War

A conflict arises in Pantdora as invasive ant species invade the vivarium, leading to intense battles and dramatic moments among the inhabitants.

Exciting Developments

As the story unfolds, new additions to Pantdora bring anticipation and suspense, keeping viewers intrigued about the fate of the ecosystem.


Despite the whimsical narration, Bustos’ genuine enthusiasm for his creatures shines through, making viewers invested in the intricate lives of the insects in Pantdora. The captivating storytelling and dramatic events in the vivarium will keep audiences coming back for more.