All Nuka Cola locations in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley and how to collect them

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley: Nuka-Cola Locations and Collection Guide

In the world of Fallout, Nuka-Cola has always been a familiar sight, and Fallout 76 is no exception. To navigate the challenging terrain of Appalachia, this guide will detail all the Nuka-Cola locations and how to gather them in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley.

All Nuka-Colas and How to Obtain Them

In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, there are various ways to acquire Nuka-Colas. While you can purchase them, there are also alternative methods to obtain these sought-after beverages without spending your hard-earned caps.

There are approximately 11 unique flavors of Nuka-Cola, each offering different benefits such as health restoration, AP regeneration, and even some negative effects like increased radiation levels. It’s crucial to weigh the advantages against the drawbacks when consuming these beverages. Fortunately, there are remedies like RadAway to counteract the adverse effects.

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  • Nuka-Cola: Found in Nuka-World on Tour, Camden Park, Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant, Pleasant Valley Station, and Tyler County Fairgrounds. Restores 40 HP and 10 AP, with a slight increase in radiation exposure.
  • Nuka-Cherry: Located in Garrahan Estate, Nuka-World Tour, Tyler County Fairgrounds, and Whitespring Bunker. Restores 100 HP and 25 AP but increases radiation levels.
  • Nuka-Cola Cranberry: Obtainable in various locations like Clancy Manor, Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant, and more. Grants 40 HP, temporary XP boost, and additional radiation exposure.
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  • Nuka-Cola Dark: Found in Eta Psi House, Nuka-Cola on Tour, Whitespring Resort, and can be crafted. Provides a boost in Strength and Endurance at the expense of Perception.
  • Nuka-Cola Orange: Discovered in Eta Psi House, Nuka-Cola on Tour, and White Spring Resort. Restores 150 HP and 50 AP without any negative effects, but enhances Rad Resistance.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Available in various locations like Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant, Monorail Elevator, and more. Restores 200 HP and 100 AP but increases radiation levels.
  • Nuka-Cola Twist: Found in Nuka-Cola on Tour, special events, and more. Grants random positive stats for 10 minutes along with HP and AP restoration.
  • Nuka-Cola Vaccinated: Currently, only found in Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant. Provides resistance against the Scorched and a temporary HP boost without any radiation exposure.
  • Nuka-Cola Wild: Located in Eta Psi House or Whitespring Resort. Restores 40 HP and 25 AP but increases radiation levels.
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  • Nuka-Grape: Found in Black Mountain Ordinance Works, Eta Psi House, Nuka-Cola on Tour, and Whitespring Resort. Restores 100 HP and 50 AP, significantly reducing radiation levels.
  • Nukashine: Located in Crimson Prospect, Eta Psi House, and craftable. Offers AP regeneration, reduced AP Sprint cost, and other effects at the cost of decreased Strength, Endurance, and Agility.

These various Nuka-Colas can provide essential enhancements to aid you in overcoming formidable challenges in Fallout 76.

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