Final Fantasy XIV Online Director Would Love To See Square Enix’s MMO On A “Nintendo Platform”

The Possibility of Final Fantasy XIV Online Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The Switch boasts a wide array of games across various franchises, including several Final Fantasy titles. However, one notable absence is Square Enix’s highly successful multiplayer role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIV Online. So, the big question remains – will this game ever make its way to a Nintendo system?

Game director and producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, recently discussed the potential for a Nintendo release. He expressed his desire to make the game available on as many platforms as possible in the long term, including Nintendo hardware. In fact, he hinted that the next target could be the successor to the Switch.

Yoshi-P’s Vision for Final Fantasy XIV Online

Yoshida revealed that it has been his dream for over a decade to allow players to access Final Fantasy XIV Online on any device and seamlessly experience the same world. He emphasized the importance of making the game available on various platforms, including the Xbox and, hopefully, on Nintendo systems in the future.

“My dream, or goal, for more than ten years at this points is for players to be able to play Final Fantasy XIV regardless of device, and be able to access the servers to go in and access the same world. … we’ve been talking for years to bring the game on the Xbox platform, and so of course we would love to have our title available on the Nintendo platform, and we do want to continue our efforts. But it did take a lot of time – with Xbox, we literally have talked for years, and it is now finally coming to fruition. We will try our best and continue to work hard at it and continue our efforts. Eventually, it would be cool – something that we would love to sort of explore and make a reality one day.”

Despite these aspirations, it is unlikely that Final Fantasy XIV Online will be released during the current Nintendo generation. If a release does happen, it might be restricted to specific regions or distribution methods, such as cloud streaming – similar to titles like Dragon Quest X Online and Phantasy Star Online 2.

Considering Nintendo’s plans to reveal a successor to the Switch this fiscal year, any potential release of Final Fantasy XIV Online on a Nintendo platform would likely take future hardware releases into account.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Final Fantasy XIV Online, it is an online installment in the acclaimed series that allows players to create unique characters, choose from various classes and jobs, embark on epic quests, and join a community of over 30 million adventurers.

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